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Invoicing Contact

By and Between:
GLOBAL TRAVEL BOOKING, S.L.U., with registered offices in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria 35007 at 26 Calle Tomas Miller, 5 Derecha, and Tax ID (CIF) number B76122639;And THE AFFILIATE, whose information appears in the Affiliation Registration Form (hereinafter, the “Affiliate/Platform”).
1.That OnlineTravel is the owner of a technology solution for the distribution and sale of tourism services.
2.That OnlineTravel is the owner of the brand, logo and commercial name “OnlineTravel”, and has the corresponding exclusive intellectual and industrial property rights.
3.That the Platform” acknowledges its interest and willingness to establish a business relationship with OnlineTravel and wishes to subscribe to and comply with this contract by making the following

1. - Object OnlineTravel will concede a non-exclusive licence to the Platform” for the duration of this contract, providing access to its white label technology solution, specifically, the use of its websites for the daily management of the Platform”s business activity, and for the distribution and sale of tourism services to the Platform”s clients. At all times, the Platform” shall broker through Onlinetravel the sales of the tourism products and services offered on its website and through its use of the technology owned by Onlinetravel. 2. – Agreement duration The term of this contract is for an initial period of one year. Following the initial period, this contract, in its entirety, shall be renewed automatically for periods of one year and successively unless expressly indicated by OnlineTravel or by the Platform”, as set out in the Article 5 of this contract.
The expiration of this contract and/or any of its renewals will not give rise to any reimbursement or compensation beyond that expressly set out in this contract. 3. – Obligations OnlineTravel is obliged to:
Provide the Platform” with the necessary information and training for the correct use of the white label technology solution. Provide the Platform” with the technology solution that allows for access to and reservation of tourism services contracted and fulfilled by OnlineTravel.
Pay the suppliers for the reservations made by clients of the Platform” using the white label technology solution.
Pay to the Platform” the commissions and fee that are due to them for the reservations made by clients of the Platform” using the white label technology solution.
The settlements will be calculated in the final week of every month, by grouping together all unpaid reservations whose service finalisation date corresponds to the month prior to the payment date. The settlements will be paid when the total pending amount is equal or in excess of 200 euros, or such higher amount as agreed by the Platform”.
Shall not be liable for damages, claims and expenses that result from any claims made by clients of the Platform” related to the provision of services or the sale of products directly by the Platform” and not using the white label technology solution. Maintain its technology solution in perfect working order. The Platform” is obliged to:
Obtain and maintain the permits and licences required to carry out its business activity in every country or area in which it operates.
Take responsibility for the reservations made with the white label technology solution provided by OnlineTravel which has been made using its login credentials. The login credentials shall only be known to the Platform” and may be modified at any time by the Platform”.
Provide all the necessary means to publicise and market its website.
Provide and manage an Internet domain under its ownership for the duration of this contract.
Configure and maintain for the duration of this contract, a subdomain ‘booking’ of its own domain, which directs the traffic to via a CNAME entry in its DNS configuration.
Set its commission and fees at such a level as to permit the tourist services offered by OnlineTravel to be competitive online travel market within the Platform”’s country or area.
Review the settlement of commissions and fees and advise OnlineTravel of any irregularities detected, and authorise the bank transfer of this settlement. OnlineTravel is not liable for any claims against settlements which have already been paid or are in the process of being paid.
4. – Financial Conditions OnlineTravel is responsible receiving payment for the contracted tourist services via its Secure Payment Gateway. OnlineTravel provides the Platform” with a control panel , where the Platform” shall be able to:
Consult the sales made on its website, and also the commissions and/or fees obtained for these.
Consult the settlements made and those pending payment.
Consult and manage the Platform”’s commissions or fees.
The settlement of the commissions or fee shall be made by means of a bank transfer to the bank account provided by the Platform”.
Additionally, in order to ensure fulfilment of the obligations assumed under this Agreement, in the event of a fraudulent purchase not attributable to Onlinetravel, the Platform” expressly waives the right to collect the commissions related to such fraudulent purchase.
Likewise, in the event that the fraudulent purchase as described above is detected subsequent to the payment of the corresponding commissions, Onlinetravel, in its sole discretion and without prior notice, shall demand reimbursement of such commissions from the Platform” or shall deduct the corresponding amount from any invoices pending payment.
5. – Termination of the Contract The termination of this contract for whatever reason shall not exonerate either party from complying with all its accrued obligations up until the termination date of this contract, nor from the ongoing compliance with any obligations of a continuing nature.
The Platform” shall terminate this contract early at any time, without any express reason, by giving prior notice by post for the attention of Global Travel Booking, S.L. at the registered address supplied at the beginning of the contract, at least thirty (30) days before the due date for termination of the contract. Onlinetravel may terminate this contract on the grounds of the Platform”s breach of any of the obligations set forth in the Third Agreement, in the event that it can be proven that the Platform” has made illegal use of the trademarks or trade names of Onlinetravel?s third-party providers or has in any way damaged the Onlinetravel brand or reputation. Such breach will result in the termination of this contract by operation of law, as well as Onlinetravel?s right to demand restitution for any damages arising therefrom.
OnlineTravel shall terminate this contract if the Platform” does not reach at least 1,000 Euros in gross sales per year via the technology solution.
Regardless of who is responsible, and the reasons for terminating the contract, the following effects and obligations shall result:
OnlineTravel is obliged to deactivate the login credentials of the Platform”, once the settlements for commissions and fees charged by the Platform” have been made.
The Platform” is obliged to cease using the technology solution and also to disconnect the subdomain
6. – Confidentiality The Platform” acknowledges the confidential and privileged nature of the information received from OnlineTravel and is obliged not to divulge it to third parties, the content of the documents received from OnlineTravel nor the knowledge transmitted by them during the term of the agreement or following the termination of the agreement.
OnlineTravel acknowledges the confidential and privileged nature of the Platform” client information and will not to make any use of this information except for commercial purposes for and on behalf of the Platform”, as set out in this contract.
7. – Transfer of Business The Platform” shall not assign this agreement to a third party without prior consent in writing from OnlineTravel.
8. – Data Protection The information supplied by the Platform” and its clients is stored in databases owned by OnlineTravel, who ensures the required technical, organisational and security measures in order to guarantee the due confidentiality of the information according to Spanish legislation L.O. 15/1999, of 13th December, Personal Data Protection, and any other applicable legislation.
The Platform” gives OnlineTravel express permission to:
Analyse personal data which has been supplied voluntarily in order to maximize commercial benefit for the two parties.
Use personal data for marketing, as pre-agreed.
9. –Independence of the Parties The Platform” is not authorised to present itself as partner, agent or representative of OnlineTravel.
10. – Jurisdiction The intervening parties renounce any other jurisdiction that may correspond to them, and agree that any dispute, discrepancy, issue or claim resulting from the interpretation or execution of this Agreement, or relating to it, directly or indirectly, or relating to its commercial relationships shall be resolved before the Courts and Tribunals of Gran Canaria, Spain.

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